Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life Can't Be So Bad....

Perspective. Its what we all need in our lives. You think of all the things we take advantage of in our lives...water, food, safety, bed, etc. Things can go wrong, sometimes horribly wrong, and throw your life into adventure. Chaos keeps us from being bored (although I would like to try bored for a day or two) and makes life interesting.

My dad used to say that trauma builds character (exactly what you need to hear when things are going wrong), ....What!?!? This it is good for me?? Yeah right. But you know (and I hate to admit it), my dad was right. I look back on my life and see how each hurt, each disappointment, each rejection and injury has made me a humble man. It has given me perseverance, wisdom and maturity. I look at others around my age who have good lives and I see that I am different than they are, that somehow I have grown in ways they haven't because of what has happened in my life.

James 1 talks about that. He calls them tests. I call them adventures...times when my life went off the road and free-wheeled for a while. It's like playing golf and never being on the fairway (trust me I know that feeling). It's an adventure that the wusses who play the fairways can't know. God says he will not give us more than we can bear and sometimes I think God overestimates what I can bear...but so far so good.

When I feel overwhelmed I just remember....Life can't be so bad that a speeding ticket or hemorrhoids can't make it a little bit worse. God is protecting me from things that He knows would push me over the edge while the "tests" are being taken.

Thank you Lord for giving me what I need, not what I always want. You are my provision and my comfort. I trust you in knowing me and bringing me to where you want me. Keep me in mind for mercy and hold back the tide of evil that constantly wars against me. Jesus is Lord of all the adventures happening in my life.

Now I am going to go check on the plumber fixing an adventure in my master bathroom.

P.S. Three hours after writing this post, I had a flat tire adventure on a very busy highway, taking my son to a golf lesson. It took an hour to change the tire...and I was remmebering what I wrote the entire experience....Life is an adventure!

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  1. In my experience, adventures are never fun while you're having them. Its the stories you have to tell, and the scars you can show afterward to remind yourself and others of the adventure.

    Love you Bro.