Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My youngest son is in the midst of a baseball tournament today and it is supposed to rain. His team did really well in pool play yesterday (won both of them) so hopefully we will do well...for the Mother's.

I hope you have a relaxed Mother's Day, filled with of happy memories of your mom. Like the time your mom shot the water moccasin with a shot gun and screamed so loud that people in the next county could hear. Or maybe you fondly remember the time when she got lost after coming home from the rodeo, even though the four kids in the car, all under age six tried to direct her home (and actually knew where they were). Or the time she fixed Rocky Mountain Oysters for your college friends and didn't tell them until after they ate. Or remember the countless meals she prepared or the times she supported you in your endeavors.

My sons rely on their mom for math tutoring because they both passed me years ago. And there is an endless supply of hugs as well. My sons were teasing my wife concerning her consumption of Dr. Pepper (her only vice). My middle was watching a television program that said the human body is 80% water. He said my wife was 80% Dr. Pepper. She could not be a blood donor but rather she could donate Dr. Pepper. She is DP+.

I have heard that we marry someone who is alot like our own mom. I hope that is true. I hope they can find a woman who is as spiritually attuned, emotionally supportive, intellectually equal and as loving as the woman I found.

Do you have any great stories about your mom?


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