Friday, May 22, 2009

The Seven Best Things About Wives

I have read many lists in my life and very few of them are flattering or positive. So today, (and today only) I decided to create a positive list about wives. Since I have a very small pool to draw from (I have only been married to one), I also asked a few friends to pitch in to help me. So here is the Top Ten Best Things About Wives:

1. Wives get their husbands out of their shell. Most women encourage (or force) their husband to get out of their head and communicate. Although this is akin to torture most of the time, it is badly needed. I think it is interesting that God created women as intimacy machines, getting men to to talk....exactly what God wants men to do with Him.

2. Wives encourage their husbands. Whether it is to pursue a hobby, home improvement project, a new life pursuit or maintain an old one, wives help their husbands to see their own worth. Just having my wife nearby and supportive makes whatever I am doing, better.

3. Wives give love. Husbands need love. They need someone who will be patient, kind, gentle and forgiving. Wives are typically good at all those.

4. Wives are affectionate. Whether snuggling in bed, hugging in front of the children, or holding hands at the mall wives touch their husbands often. The warmth of a hug melts away the stress of the day and restores peace. Life can't be so bad that a little affectionate flirting can't make it a skosh better.

5. Wives work hard. Whether at a job or in the home, wives work hard to make life easier, cleaner, more organized, and prettier.

6. Wives are connected to God. The value of a godly woman cannot be measured. Her prayer life is the glue that holds the relationship together.

7. Wives make celebrating more fun. Bowling or playing golf by yourself isn't much fun...neither is celebrating. Wives are a party looking for a place to happen, bringing a smile and a "well thought out" gift into any celebration. As Emeril says, wives "kick it up a notch." They want others to feel special.

Husbands, what is your favorite thing about your wife?

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  1. That's a great list, Chris. Sounds to me like God found a wonderful wife for you, as (it turns out) He also did for me. :)

    One thing I would add is that my wife is the best mom to our son, that I could ever imagine. My mom and I were never very close, and I was always walking on eggshells whenever I was around her. It's so wonderful to see how close my wife and son are, and what a great time they have together. She actually homeschools him and has WAYYYYYYY more patience with him than I ever could! :)