Friday, May 8, 2009

Jesus, the Trapese Artist

About five years ago, I went to the circus with my sons. The two things at the circus which caught our attention the most was the "Globe of Death" (motorcycles running at 50 mph in a sphere) and the trapeze. The trapeze always fascinates because it is death defying...well, with a safety net they might break a nail if they fall...but it could be death defying.

Sometimes I think of Jesus as a trapeze artist. Hanging on by his knees, swinging out with His arms reaching out, wanting me to let go of what I know and reach out in faith for Him. The problem is,.....well, .....I have to let go of what I know, of what feels safe. EEEK! But isn't that a requirement of faith? "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." There is no safety net. Only trust that He will catch you.

Now, I know He will catch me...I really do believe that.....really!??!! But it is hard for me to let go. I could just hang on to my bar and not take the leap but then what have I accomplished? I have proved that I am not willing to trust that the Master will catch me. I have shown that my fear of falling is greater that my faith that he will catch me. If I choose to hang on to my bar, I cannot honestly say, "I believe God will see me through," or "God didn't answer my prayers for...." Trust requires letting go.

In this light, I have a new respect for Peter stepping out of the boat...he's the only one who did so. You didn't see "Show me and I will believe" Thomas or "The Master loves me the most" John doing that. Not even the "I will die for any good cause" Zealot or the "I must follow the rules to the letter of the law" Pharisee did..but Peter did. As a fisherman, Peter even knew the dynamics of water and still stepped out.

So the question is: Are you just going to go through the motions? Are you all talk and no show? When are you going to let go of what you know and leap toward a Savior who says He will catch you? What do you think? Where do you need to step out in faith? What keeps you from letting go?

Here is a song (its even a capella) that proves my point...I love Rich Mullens Screen Door.

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