Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gift of Knowledge - God is Watching and He Loves You

Have you ever met someone and known something about them, even though you had never met before? If so, you may have the gift of knowledge.

Have your children ever done something, denied it, but you knew the truth? If so, you may have the gift of knowledge.

Here is a story about the gift of knowledge. At a retreat in Searcy, Ark. a couple of years back I was doing a 1/2 day retreat for a congregation and was teaching the prayer of agreement. Basically, the prayer of agreement is when someone vocally agrees with the person praying....taken from the scripture "I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done by my Father in heaven. For where two or more come together in my name, there I am with them."

I had divided up the group into groups of 7-10 and had them start praying the prayer of agreement, asking God what to pray for then agreeing with each other...simple enough, right? One group seemed to be having difficulty so I came over to the group to help them. They were laying hands on a brother and asking the Lord for a word for him, so then they could agree in prayer over him. So I laid my hand on my brother (who I had never met and did not know) and all of a sudden I knew things about him that God revealed to me. The men around him started praying as I spoke to him.

So I spoke his name (which freaked me and everyone else out) and spoke to him about specific things God revealed to me. He had three sons and I described each one in detail. I said that he had broken every vow he had made with his wife, and I named them specifically. (He and his wife were separated at the time). I talked about the affairs he had and the sexual immoral things he had done, specifically when and what. (At this time, he was wailing, loudly because God was revealing the secrets of his heart to him). I talked about his wife and their relationship and named the specific problems they were having. Again, I had never met the man or had ever spoken to him before.

After about three to four minutes of laying him wide open, God wanted him to know he was loved, and that God wanted him back. (He kept on wailing...loudly, and the men around him prayed louder and more fervently). And I spoke to him the words God laid on my heart for him. He was loved. He had a ministry that God wanted him to be in. He needed to repent, be open with his sin so he could be healed. God had plans for him in his marriage that were greater than he could even conceive. He needed accountability for his sexual sin, so he could grow beyond it.

After speaking to him, we took a break and he left the room. I found him in the next room, crying, talking to his wife. He said,"God just spoke to me and now I know I need to change. I am sorry for the way I have treated you and things are going to be much different." He called me few days later and said he was together with his wife and that God had worked a miracle in their marriage.

I still think it is so cool how God used me in this man's life. Do you have questions about it? Have you ever had an experience like this? If so, please share it so people can see that God still speaks to us in the modern day.

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