Sunday, May 17, 2009

"You Never Talk to Me" -God

How often do you pray? Really. Is your prayer formal or casual? Is it more scripted (similar to the prayer you said yesterday) or is it original material? I think the content of a person's prayer is a good indicator of their spiritual health. What do you think?

Here's the skinny on my prayer life. I pray at least 20 minutes a day, most days. Sometimes more ...gulp...and sometimes less. I always pray out loud (because if I think my prayers, they last less than 10 seconds). I used to talk to God in a more formal, scripted manner (because that was modeled for me in my spiritually formative years). Now, I talk to God as a friend, a friend who knows me inside out and who likes me (and I dig Him as well).

When He lays someone on my heart, I pray immediately for them. I pray until the thought of them passes, sometimes a minute, sometimes an hour. I pray boldly. I believe God moves mountains and prayer moves God. I ask for things that take a miracle like healing or well...miracles. I pray like, "Well of course God will do this, He likes me and wants to give me good things."

Sometimes I kid around with God. He's my friend, right!?! That's what I do with friends so why not with God. I try not to barge in on Him in prayer (He is busy being the ruler and creator of the universe) so I ask Him if I can talk. So far, He has said yes. Sometimes I ask Him goofy questions to see what He says. Sometimes I feel a "spiritual" smack upside the head.

I don't say "In Jesus name, Amen" at the end of prayers. I always put that in the beginning, "In the name of Jesus, Father I ask that you heal..." And I bless God alot and praise Him alot during prayer (because I think God is cool and awesome).

So there's the skinny on me. How about you?

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