Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

Is church supposed to be fun? Are we supposed to enjoy it or endure it? Should church be interesting? Emotional? Rational?

I look our ministry model (Jesus) and I don't see alot of sermons (yes, I know about the sermon on the mount). I do see alot of life experiences demonstrating the power God. I do see SHORT stories (parables) that were thrown out there for consideration. Communion was not in little cups passed around on a was a part of a meal. Prayer was not lead by one person only nor was there a hired pastor to do all the "church work." And whatever happened to speaking in tongues...wouldn't that make things interesting?

If I were a disciple, I would be interested in what was going to happen next. Another trip to a temple or brothel? Who would the master heal and would he do it again on the Sabbath? Jesus seemed to be unpredictable, adventurous and to the point. Couldn't we mimic that in our churches?

Have you ever wondered if churches are in a gargantuan rut, doing the same stuff over and over in the name of orderliness? Do you think that is what Jesus intended?

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  1. I haven't been to a church I liked. Grew up in one. My father was the pastor. We left several years ago and haven't been back to a church since. All I know, is what's going on in most churches is not what the Lord wants.

    In my case, it was a family who came to worship with us. Very new converts who REALLY got an experience. The lady emanated love for others like I'd never seen. She lived ministry. It woke me up.

    I was missing something but didn't know what. I did everything I knew to do but had no fire inside. I prayed for that fire, and God helped me get it. After that, the closer I got to Jesus, the more problems I had at church.

    The Lord hasn't led us to another one. I don't think I could stand all the problems, politics, gossip, back-biting, etc. and certainly can't stand the idea of having a man rule over me again, telling me what to do. This freedom I have, with only Jesus as my boss, has been sweet indeed.

    Not that I think churches don't have their place and there aren't some good ones out there. The Lord just hasn't led us to one.

    I think if church is not enjoyable either there is something wrong with the person or the church. It should be something that one is blessed by, something that feeds one's soul.

    I still fellowship with that lady over the phone (she lives hundreds of miles away now), and we have the most fantastic conversations. I get more out of one chat with her than months in that church we went to. When I talk with her, I understand what it means to have a sister in Christ. I know the joy of fellowship and can imagine how wonderful it would be to gather together with a church full of people like that. Meeting her on Sundays would be delightful, a true blessing.

    Amazingly, she feels the same way about me. Praise God, she is at a church that she loves now. Exciting things are happening there, and she is very active in ministry. They constantly have dynamic evangelists and missionaries stopping by to share their stories. Too bad we don't live closer; sounds like a great place to worship.